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Published on 17/02/2022

CLD supports hibiscus farmers for increased productivity

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Hibiscus farming methods in communities of Jacaltenango, Huehuetenango have remained the same since the crop was introduced in colonial times to the area. The traditional cultivation system, based on low production native plants and outdated farming techniques inherited from generation to generation prevents farmers from transitioning from subsistence farming to a production of higher yields. 

USAID´s Communities Leading Development (CLD) project implemented by CRS is helping 210 hibiscus farmers in six communities of Jacaltenango to improve their production and increase their yields by providing training in better agronomic practices, genetically improved seeds and technical assistance that enables farmers to earn a dignified income.


 “I like the new seed it gives us bigger flowers, better color, better taste and better production” Jose Montejo, hibiscus farmer in Buxup, Jacaltenango.

With this support, farmers like Jose Montejo and wife Agustina Sanchez have almost doubled their production and yields from $800 USD to $1,500 USD per harvest season.


“The native plant took longer to produce and this one is faster, and the flowers weigh more, I think we have improved our production. I also like the dark red color, the flower is bigger and heavier, this is good because we get paid by the pound not by the amount of flowers”, Agustina Sanchez, hibiscus farmer in Buxup, Jacaltenango.

CLD recognizes that economic development is achieved by improving local capacity and investing in agricultural value chains for increased productivity for vulnerable families to generate income and achieve a better quality of life. 


“I´m 50 years old, I’ve farmed hibiscus all my life since a child, but this is the first time that I don’t use the native seed, now I use a better seed and I see a big difference in my production. With traditional seeds I would harvest three baskets of hibiscuss a day, now I harvest 10 baskets a day”, Jose Gumercindo Ross, hibiscus farmer in Buxup, Jacaltenango.