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Published on 30/07/2021

CLD leads farmers to new market opportunities and business deals

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Limited access to markets beyond their communities leaves farmers trapped in subsistence production systems as most producers sell only part of their production.

USAID´s Communities Leading Development (CLD) project in coordination with partner Caritas de Los Altos recently organized fairs to promote eggs and chickpeas from CLD producers in Quetzaltenango and Totonicapán. The fairs were carried out in the central squares of the municipalities of Momostenango, Totonicapán and Concepción Chiquirichapa, Quetzaltenango. 531 egg producers and 50 garbanzo producers from 27 communities participated and promoted their fresh local products.

Chickpea producers, during egg and chickpea fair in Concepción Chiquirichapa, Quetzaltenango.

The fairs provided farmers with a firsthand experience and contact with consumers outside of their village, buyers expressed a strong community support for local producers.

The production of eggs was supported by CLD, while the chickpea production was supported with leveraged resources from ICF (International Community Fund).

CLD is convinced that new market opportunities enable long-term business survival, higher profits, and a better standard of living for farmers and their families.

“I never through I would leave my community to promote our eggs. Today I am finding new buyers, I am writing down the names and contacts of people who visit our stand. My dream is to expand our business, there´s 34 women  in my community with farms of at least 25 hens and that is why we are looking for better market opportunities for all of us”.  María Hernandez, egg producer from Tuipox, Concepción Chiquirichapa, Quetzaltenango.

“We are opening new market opportunities and we are showing people different ways to cook chickpea, we provided a recipe book so they can learn to prepare delicious meals, my children´s favorite is chickpea stew”.  Victoria Torres, chickpea farmer, from Racana, Momostenango.