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Published on 18/04/2022

CLD encourages collaboration between the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture (MAGA) and vulnerable communities in Quiché

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Traditionally, indigenous Mayan communities, who are a majority in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, have been excluded from participating in the decision-making systems that shape their lives. Voicing the community’s concerns to bring responses to their most important needs is a priority for USAID´s Communities Leading Development (CLD) project implemented by CRS.

In a continued effort to voice communities’ most urgent needs, CLD recently met with technical advisors from Guatemala’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Livestock (MAGA) in Quiché. MAGA personnel received training on the use of the Community Development Plan (CDP) methodology and tools for inclusive community planning.

CLD presented the methodology and shared the 203 CDPs that CLD developed jointly with communities, with emphasis on 56 CDPs from the same number of communities in eight municipalities in Quiché. The transfer of the methodology and tools used in community-led planning and design of projects through the CDPs aims at linking community development efforts and MAGA initiatives in Quiché

We are promoting the CDP methodology in Quiché; this is important because MAGA personnel in Quiché will review the CDP methodology and we are encouraging them to replicate the method in other communities in Quiché.” – Francisca Cedillo, CLD consultant, during the methodology transfer activity.

CLD is motivating MAGA, a key government entity, to implement the CDP methodology in additional communities to identify and voice their needs to mobilize resources for community development projects prioritized in their CDPs and make connections with local actors that can support communities to respond to these needs.

CDPs have a solid inclusive community planning methodology and a scientific survey basis. We can take this basis to perform further research or actions on specific agriculture or livestock issues and needs.” – Jorge Andrés de León, MAGA technical advisor for Quiché.