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Published on 05/03/2021

Western Highland Communities use Community Development Plans to catalyze change

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Mayan communities in Guatemala´s Western Highlands have been excluded in decision making systems that shape their path. USAID´s Communities Leading Development Project (CLD), through an inclusive and participatory approach, supported communities to identify and prioritize their most pressing needs in Community Development Plans (CDPs).

Recently, during the “Community Development Plans, a plan of the present to build the future”, event – community leaders and authorities representing 203 Western Highland communities performed a symbolic hand over of the plans to the representative of Guatemala´s Central Government, Keila Gramajo Vilchez, Secretariat of Planning and Programming (SEGEPLAN).  

“The community development plans provide an opportunity to visualize a more promising future for men, women, youth and children in our communities. These plans give us a voice in our journey to development, our hope is that together we can make a change for the future that we dream. I invite the central and local governments, the international cooperation, and others to join us in our vision of development. We will work so these plans don’t become a shelved document but become a plan for action for those who can change lives”, Ofeliza Sanchez, member of Community Development Council, community of Duraznales, Concepción Chiquirichapa, Quetzaltenango.

William W. Popp US ambassador in Guatemala performed as the honor witness; other participants included delegates from the National Association of Municipalities (ANAM Guatemala), as well as municipal and local authorities. With this action communities are empowered to seek action for prioritized community projects.

See event video through this link: Community Development Plans, a plan of the present to build the future