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Published on 17/12/2020

Communities Leading Development (CLD) project leverages municipal resources to rehabilitate water systems

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CLD and the municipality of Chiantla, in the department of Huehuetenango, recently signed a memorandum of understanding to invest in the access, improvement and rehabilitation of water systems in the communities of Río Escondido, San Antonio Las Nubes and El Potrerillo.

Joint economic and institutional efforts will rehabilitate the household water systems to bring clean water for over 1,300 people in the three communities. Current water systems with broken or clogged pipes are inefficient; households only have access to water twice a week and the quality of water is not adequate. Households must haul water from wells and streams to meet their needs.

Improvements and rehabilitation of the water systems will meet technical standards and will be socially accepted, since the communities all have identified water as a critical priority, ensuring the durability of the systems.

As part of the cooperation agreements, CLD will cover the feasibility studies costs and the municipality of Chiantla will provide the corresponding building materials based on CLD´s technical specifications, they will also facilitate processes, permits and personnel for implementation.

Leveraged resources are greatly needed to ensure the sustainability of community development efforts. The signed agreements are part of CLD´s targeted leverage from local and national government in FY20.