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Published on 17/12/2020

Communities Leading Development (CLD) project provides inclusive vocational training for youth

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Elder López and Evelin Sales, from CLD participant communities, were able to access non-traditional education opportunities through CLD´s technical training programs. The trainings provide educational opportunities that accommodate and fairly respond to students´ preferred field of learning. In many cases, students have long been excluded or marginalized from these opportunities due to culture, discrimination or lack of opportunity.

In Chiantla, Huehuetenango, Elder is one of two young men enrolled in a hairstyling course and in Nuevo Progreso, San Marcos, Evelin graduated along with 18 young men from an electricity course. These educational processes are part of 64 training programs in CLD´s coverage area with 19 course options for participants.

“I´ve longed for the opportunity to study hairstyling. There´s only two men in a group of 22, but there is no discrimination, we all have the chance to learn”, said Elder.

“I´m the only girl in a group of 19. I feel good because we have the same rights and I am being included in a learning area that´s normally for men. People admire me because I am the only girl; I hope to encourage other girls,” added Evelin.

With the acquired knowledge, participants are encouraged to opt for employment or start a business. Hairstylists will have the basic skills for haircuts and makeup; and electricians will be able to perform basic home installations.

“I would like to buy the basics such as cables, sockets, switches, screwdrivers and a voltage meter to start a venture and help with my expenses,” said Evelin.

“I hope to practice what I learn. There are no hairstylists in my community; this can be a benefit for myself and my community as well,” said Elder.

CLD believes that economic development is intricately intertwined with social empowerment and change. By building local inclusive capacity, CLD is forging a community-led path for Guatemalan communities.