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Published on 17/12/2020

Communities Leading Development (CLD) Project trains Agricultural Private Service Providers (Paravet) on basic veterinary and agricultural services for families

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CLD recently kicked-off a three-month training plan for 26 community leaders from Quetzaltenango, Totonicapán, Huehuetenango, and Quiché, who volunteered to learn about the Paravet model and put it into practice in their communities. The training will provide them with the skills necessary to support the implementation of the animal production projects.

Paravets are service providers trained on integrated management of poultry to prevent and control poultry disease in the communities. Participants received a three-day basic training on animal health, prophylaxis, and use of veterinary aid kits. In addition, the training developed participants’ skills to identify diseases and provide poultry health services, including: administration of vaccines, antibiotics, and vitamins.

“I learned to take care of sick turkeys, roosters, and chickens. I will share my skills with the people in my community”, said Julia Itzep, after she received the training.

“I learned to apply intramuscular, nasal and eye vaccinations. This is our first training and I think it is important because the knowledge will allow me to help people in my community, many don´t know how to read or write and do not know how to inject medicine”, added Mario Quino, training participant.

CLD will further develop Paravets’ skills with the training plan that will include topics such as animal productive infrastructure, animal nutrition, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, in March, CLD, through leaveraged fundswill equip Paravets with a basic first aid kit containing vaccines, vitamins, antibiotics, and syringes amongst other items.

With their initial training, and once Paravets are equipped, they will have the basics to offer services to families in CLD served communities, including families that participate in animal production projects.

With the acquired skills Paravets will have the opportunity to increase their earnings by offering their services and purchase additional assets to improve their services and cover some of their family needs.