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Published on 17/12/2020

Communities Leading Development (CLD) project strengthens COCODE institutional capacities

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With support from local partner Caritas San Marcos, CLD recently delivered basic equipment kits to Community Development Councils (COCODEs) in seven communities in the municipality of Sibinal, San Marcos that will benefit over 1,800 project participants. These equipment kits will strengthen COCODEs’ institutional capacity to conduct their community assemblies and development activities more effectively.

In total, CLD will equip 118 COCODEs in five covered departments delivering a kit of basic equipment and furniture, each valued at approximately $2,600.00 USD. The kits contain long-term assets such as speakers, amplifiers, power generating plants, chairs, desks, filing cabinets, megaphones, and inventory and record books, among other items.

This delivery process began with communities working on their own Community Development Plans (CDPs) where they identified and prioritized those needs that would have an impact in community development. As a result, they identified two actions that would strengthen COCODEs institutional capacities: training community leaders and delivering equipment for COCODEs to carry out activities more efficiently. COCODE conditions are precarious, many communities do not have electricity service, gas powered energy plants will provide proper lighting conditions, especially for evening meetings. Megaphones will become an important tool for COCODEs to communicate information, currently, leaders must perform door to door visits which is time consuming and inefficient.

“This is a dream come true; the equipment is a need that communities identified in their CDPs, and today we are responding to that need”, said Enrique de León, Community Empowerment Technical Advisor for Caritas San Marcos, local partner.

CLD will now follow up with COCODEs by providing training and monitoring for proper use of the equipment. This includes monitoring of environmental mitigation measures, implementation of operation regulations, and the implementation of the management and maintenance plan for the equipment.

 “The goal is to witness COCODEs managing their own development by maximizing the assets they are receiving. This is not a temporary benefit, this equipment will be used for many generations of COCODEs,” said Rony Arriola, CLD Staff member.  

 “The community and the COCODE are happy; now we see a project and we are grateful. The equipment is much needed in the community; we need the desks, chairs and other items for meetings and trainings. I will be part of the COCODE for two years; I dream of many projects like the rehabilitation of our water system. This equipment will be helpful in the process of managing projects”, said Valeriano Ortiz, COCODE president from the Los Olivos community.

 “I feel very motivated with this new equipment and I think this will help us to better manage the projects we have thought of in the two years that we have been on the COCODE”, finalized Griselda Velázquez, COCODE treasurer from Los Olivos.