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Published on 15/07/2021

Safety equipment for potato farmers in alliance with FENAPAPA

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Soil preparation, seed quality, crop management and the use of chemical inputs such as pesticides are all factors that help farmers increase their production and productivity. However, the use of chemical products without the corresponding preventive measures and safety equipment can cause severe health hazards such as pesticide poisoning, respiratory conditions, and infertility in the long term.

USAID´s Communities Leading Development (CLD) project in coordination with implementing partner FENAPAPA recently provided basic protection gear and training in the proper use of the equipment (apron, gloves, goggles and activated carbon respirator) to 160 potato farmers from five communities in Quetzaltenango.

This initiative responds to farmer´s health concerns as symptoms of mild poisoning such as nausea, headaches, and diarrhea are common “most farmers in the area don’t use any protection, and only a few may use a piece of nylon over their backs”, said Luis Felipe Gonzalez, from implementing partner FENAPAPA.

CLD will continue to provide support with training and inputs for good agricultural practices as farmers aim at increasing their productivity while protecting their health.

“We need this protective equipment because we don’t want to contaminate our bodies and our clothes and our families. We will also share information with other farms so they can understand the importance of using protective gear”.  Benito Sanchez, potato project participant from Tojchulup, Concepción Chiquirichapa, Quetzaltenango.