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Published on 02/11/2021

Development Planning Tools and Guides

Category: Community Empowerment

Within the framework of the Communities Leading Development (CLD) Project, funded by USAID and executed by Catholic Relief Services-United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (CRS-USCCB) in consortium with Mercy Corps, ADIPO, Cáritas San Marcos, and Cáritas Los Altos; we elaborated the community Development Planning manual with participation and inclusion, which seeks to promote participation, inclusion and empowerment of communities in the participatory planning process to lead a community development process in a comprehensive way.

The manual is mainly aimed at the coordination bodies of COCODEs, community authorities, facilitators, volunteers, municipalities and other institutions that support the community planning process to replicate the planning process. This document is primarily intended to be a tool to strengthen the capacities of people in the communities covered by the CLD Project.

The manual is made up of three parts: 1st. Why is our community important, which addresses participatory planning, when to plan and what conditions are needed to plan. 2nd. Planning community development, with the issues of community diagnosis and planning of the development itself. 3rd. Implementing our development plan, addressing management, monitoring and project profiling topics; project monitoring and accountability; as well as environmental and risk monitoring. In the annexes you will find the list of tools that will support the
planning and community development process, household survey variables, and community development planning structure.

We hope it will be very useful for your organization and community!

To continue reading, download the available tools and guides (only in spanish):

  1. Development Planning Manual:Manual Planificacion del Desarrollo
  2. Development Planning Manual Guide: Guia Manual Planificación del Desarrollo
  3. Development Planning Tools: Herramientas Planificación del Desarrollo