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Published on 14/06/2021

Young entrepreneurs overcome barriers

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Little to null employment opportunities in CLD served Western Highland communities are forcing the more abundant youth populations in these areas to consider migration as a solution to the economic pressures and lack of opportunities. According to CLD´s 2018 Household Survey, 72% of migrants in these communities are under 30 and 91% of these have migrated due to lack of employment.

Group of young people receives seed capital during event in Huehuetenango

USAID’s CLD along with partner ADESJU is addressing the issue by supporting young people in creating their own business, by providing access to vocational trainings, and seed capital which are key to jumpstart a small business so they can be the engine of development, a tangible option to leaving their homes.

In a recent event CLD awarded 50 groups of young people who culminated their trainings and presented the best and more promising business plans with seed capital for over $33,000 USD; over 100 youth will be able to invest in supplies and materials to begin individual or group business ventures.

María Eugenia Domingo, a beneficiary plans to purchase an industrial sewing machine to make traditional clothing and accessories in her native San Ildefonso, Ixtahuacan.  CLD enables youth to develop opportunities close to home in an appropriate and sustainable rural context that fosters social cohesion.

Many think that starting a business requires a great amount of money but that is not true, all we need is a small incentive and a lot of training and orientation”. María Eugenia Domingo, Project beneficiary