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Published on 17/12/2020

Families with Dignity groups help men to be better husbands and parents

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CLD´s Families with Dignity groups are responsive to the strategic actions outlined in the Community Development Plans (CDPs) related to the need for values-based psychosocial support for families, improved inter-generational communication and mechanisms to mitigate or prevent domestic violence. In CLD´s community survey, 55.6% of communities reported domestic violence as an issue that needs attention. 

For Ricardo Domingo, husband and father of four, the inclusion of men in the Families with Dignity formative processes, especially as related to the well-being of the family and violence prevention, is important for his life. “I liked today´s session because we talked about family, how both men and women are responsible for caring, educating and loving our children; I love my children, boy and girls alike,” he said.

Ricardo is one of three men and 17 women participating in the Families with Dignity group in the community of El Pito, in the municipality of San Miguel Ixtahuacan, San Marcos. The group has also learned about financial co-responsibility of men and women for family prosperity. “What I liked the most is when they talked about how to make good use of our money to provide clothing, food, education, health and make improvements to the home”, said Ricardo.  

Families with Dignity groups are also key in helping men like Ricardo in their journey to be better parents and husbands. Years ago, before any kind of support group existed in his community, Juan and his family struggled to overcome his addiction to alcohol. “I used to be an alcoholic, but now I come to the Families with Dignity workshops because I want to be a better dad and not go back to addiction”, he said.

CLD currently benefits 114 men who participate in Families with Dignity groups in five departments served by the project. Men like Ricardo have learned that their responsibility goes beyond putting food on the table. “You must provide your time to learn to live a worthy life with your partner, in the community and in society. Here (in Families with Dignity groups) we learn that, and we put it into practice”, said Ricardo.

CLD will continue training and provide follow-up to Families with Dignity groups; Ricardo hopes that his testimony helps other men to take interest in joining these formation processes. “If everyone participates, we would have a more developed community, that is why I invite other men to get involved in Families with Dignity because I have seen many divided families. My longing is for everyone to get involved to have a happy life with their wives, with their neighbors and with others”, he said.