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Published on 01/04/2022

USAID facilitates community access to clean water

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Water is an essential component of human health, economic growth, food security, and environmental sustainability. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in every four people in the developing world currently lack access to a water source that is located on-premises, available when needed, and free from contamination. 

USAID´s Communities Leading Development (CLD) project, implemented by CRS, recently performed a monitoring visit to a water project in Trigales, Cunén, Quiché. The project, currently under construction, will provide clean water for 181 families in the Trigales community. The CLD field activity, accompanied by USAID project representative Spencer Milian, and mission environment officer, Regina Soto, facilitated verification of the proper implementation of sanitation and environment procedures according to local norms and regulations.

The activity was key to verifying the quality implementation of a water project that will bring vital liquid for over 900 people with guaranteed water treatment for human consumption.

Rules, regulations, and water quality standards are a great benefit for our community. After 22 years, I will finally have clean water in my home for my children and my wife. Water is life, without it, we cannot aspire to move forward. We need good clean water to stay healthy. We are farmers, but the primary need is to be healthy, we cannot think of economic development if we first don’t have good health.” -Israel Rivas, president of the community water commission in Trigales.  


CLD will continue its focus on improving water services management with a comprehensive, sustainable, and multi-level approach that involves families, communities, public and private sectors to facilitate access to clean water.

USAID is committed to ensuring the implementation of quality water projects, in compliance with technical, environmental, and health standards that ensure clean water solutions over time.

“Our community is happy, we will have chlorinated water, this is safe water for our children. This is a very well-done project.” -Juan Pu Chirisna, plumber of the community water commission in Trigales.