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Published on 05/07/2022

USAID and CRS help 92 families in San Marcos to access water

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According to the 2018 census, in Guatemala, 40% of the population does not have access to clean water in their homes. Until recently, this statistic included the 92 families in the community of San Antonio las Barrancas, in the municipality of Sibinal, San Marcos.

USAID´s Communities Leading Development Project (CLD) implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has worked alongside the community since 2017 to identify their needs and strengthen capacities to manage the response to those needs.

“Before we did not have an organized community, we were not functioning as a team. The creation of our community development plan brought our community together. We started this plan in 2017, we identified our most important needs and today we are inaugurating our water system.” -Bailon Ventura, community mayor during water system inauguration. 


CLD´s holistic approach to improving the management of community water systems includes the involvement of families, municipalities, central government, and the private sector. With this support, the community’s COCODE and water commission channeled over $132,000 USD, including funds from the private sector, USAID, and community contributions in local materials and labor, to rehabilitate the water system and bring clean water to the entire community, a direct benefit for 460 people.  

“Without water we cannot do anything: we can not have good health, we cannot have good hygiene, we cannot wash our clothes, we cannot clean the home and we cannot have time for our family. I used to spend many hours every day drawing water from a well but now every home in our community has a faucet.” -Florinda Ventura, San Antonio Las Barrancas community member.    

“This has been a long process but now we have a new caption tank, new water distribution lines, and new faucet. The dream we started to work on in 2017 is now a reality, every home in our community now has a faucet.”Bailon Ventura, community mayor during water system inauguration.


USAID and CRS will continue to invest in the provision of basic water services to guarantee greater security and improved quality of life.